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Friday, November 03, 2006

is taggit a faggit?

Thank you Mike Jones

You are a very brave man. Please don’t listen to the bull being slung. I am greatful to you for standing up!

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Annie Liebowitz

I just watched an interview with Annie Liebowitz, which inclined me to check to see if she was out as a gay or bi woman.

I found click here

Why it is important you ask….I can’t believe that this question could even come up in 2006….

YOU moron it ISSSS important so that it can be ok. In other words the more people who are out in all facets of society the less violence against us! The more of us they realize there are, the more it becomes “normal”.

Not that I even want to be normal, but I do have issues with the death threats and the hate. When their own child, or brother etc comes out to them, the more “normal” it isssss.


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What is gay pride, and why is it so F’in important? And, why do we need to throw it in your face?

First of all let me say, I have been out in every way since 1970. That means I got to experience some of the “stuff” the Christopher Street Riots were about! I was living in New Jersey / New York at the time!!!

The VERY first gay pride parade took place in 1969. It was known as the Stonewall march. It was a protest! We, were tired of be hassled! Back then, there were only clandestine ways for the LGBT community members to meet! To be open (or out) was to invite a beating or even death, if not jail time!

It is very true our events are gregarious at best, but it is our way of dealing with the “pain”! It is our one day when we celebrate by wearing outrageous “stuff” or not.

It all started at a popular hangout in the Greenwich Village section of New York City. This night, once again, we would be harassed. The New York City Alcohol and Beverage Control Board agents, along with a group of NYPD officers, raided the bar to enforce a seldom-used law. Back then raids and harassment of gays, was common place. Many times we were beaten raped and arrested just because we were gay! On this night, June 17, this establishment was being raided for the second time in one week!

This night was different then all the other nights because we were finally full; we decided spontaneously and for the very first time to fight the police harassment. An eruption took place both inside and outside of the bar.

We had just had enough. People who identified in different terms, and definitely did not fit under the term heterosexual were just plain over it. It was our time. We would put up with it no longer! Lesbians, Gays, Transgender and Transsexual people, together fought back.

Word of what happened spread very quickly. Gatherings took place to denounce all the mistreatment which spurned the “Stonewall Rebellion” or “March on Stonewall” the precursor to today’s Pride events.

This is why we celebrate GAY Pride, also known as LGBT Pride, and as far as I am concerned it’s QUEER Pride and is the foundation for our quest for acceptance and basic civil rights.

GLBT Pride Weekend
You can spend June 16, 17, and 18th 2006 in Bisbee to celebrate Pride! There will be:
• a street fair
• leather and lace ball
• pool party
• music
• dancing
And an array of other activities. For more information call (520) 236-3699 or visit

Monday, April 17, 2006

my space our space and the woild

With all this attention to myspace from the greater public, I start to worry. I do strongly believe in protecting the children. I have a real problem with predators. Yep, SM people have morals. Maybe more than those that don’t think as much as we do.

We actually probably are much more conscious than nillas. But, society crosses their lines so easily (look at what is happening to _________ ).

And some of these nuts are on myspace, that really sux. And, how they are screwing up the ability to be “open” for some of us really bothers me. We need to be much more conscious of who we are and who we connect with!

A little while ago I believe one of the people who are looking for predators connected with me. It made me think about what that process is like correct me if I am wrong, but doesn’t the predator usually contact the victim instead of the other way around????

Usually the children are on here, being children the same way they do it in the world. Perhaps one of the most appealing things about myspace from the beginning for me was the creativity with which we can create our “locker”. This is what is the cool thing, and of course, the connecting.

Having profiles under 18 hidden is perfect. As a matter of fact a child I know I had per put herself up as an old, man with a weird name. We wanted her on yahoo so we could reach her, because our family is spread out all over the world.

When I was on yahoo, with my biz, I found people constantly sending me IM messages that were totally stupid and tasteless!

What I don’t get is why these idiots don’t hire a professional who can role-play with them, or go to a club where these fantasies are created. They can enjoy the power or whatever they are into there. Why they risk their existence, their lives and ours by being so dense.

The more I think about it, the more I realize something my mother did was quite smart. She chose someone to be a friend to me. Not real close, but someone I liked and felt comfortable with. Then when she wanted to convey something to me she would have her pass on that message. I was able to hear it and think I was keeping something from my mom. In reality, I know that now, they always talked about our conversations.

For some reason, all of us, adults and children don’t seem to listen to those we are close to! (For example a parent, wife, child should not teach same to drive).

Children deserve to be safe and protected. To become healthy adults. If you feel something weird about someone you are talking to or know then it is weird. Trust your senses.

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